MY NAME IS TIME, AND THESE ARE MY TALES: “I have wisdom, but no one cares to listen. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME, WON’T YOU?”


I have seen the earth barren and lonely.

I have witnessed the presence of the first man and all his progeny.

I was there when the earth flooded.

I saw men discover ink and the power of words.

I have felt the rain erode the earth.

I have known civilizations lost in time.

I have heard battles cries and declarations of love.

I have wisdom, but no one cares to listen.


For I am TIME and this is my TALE.

To start off let me tell you the tale of a girl I once knew.

I don’t remember the details, the colour of her hair and eyes or her nationality.

I remember is her spark!

She was the kind of girl who knew exactly what she was doing or so it seemed.

The kind that suffered from insecurities like everyone else, but paid it no mind.

She was beautiful in the way that she stood over the world and smiled like it was her playground.

I remember a time, when she was young and enjoyed playing with the other school children.

Those who taunted her like kids so often do, but all she did was stand tall and say:

‘Well I quite like myself thank you.’

That was the beginning of a girl, who turned into a woman with confidence to kill.

She grew up, and she married.

She went through the cycle of life all the while studying human nature.

She came to a conclusion that ‘self worth’ was the best gift anyone could have.

She realized that some are born with it, while others have to work at it, but that spark was the best gift in the world.

She lived with her family on a hill in a countryside faraway, and the hill she lived on was known for suicidal attempts.
So began her legacy.

From time to time, a lonely soul would wander to the hill.

Lost in despair and ready to end it all.

She would be waiting….

….She was always waiting for her confidence didn’t cripple her, but it enriched her.

The lost soul wandered and complained of all his troubles.

How his wife didn’t understand, and his children weren’t how he expected.

How the recession was killing him and how the kids taunted him when he was young.

She smiled and said:

‘In those things you find beauty if you’ve known beauty in yourself’.

She made him see how beautiful life is, and how he’s wife doesn’t know how to express that she does care. That his children were healthy and alive.

That the recession gave him something to work for, and that those silly kids were just kids.

He went home and he lived with the legacy of confidentia.

She saved so many people with that spark of hers and they became the upholders of the legacy of confidentia.

They spread the message of the spark!

They taught how important self worth is, and that no one will ever love you enough if you don’t love yourself.

They taught that we all have demons, but the spark of self worth is all we need to ward them off.

The annals of history don’t remember her.

Her spark and her legacy, but I remember.

I remember confidentia and I remember all those who have that spark.


Written by Taaibah Karolia
Edited by Fatima Moolla

Posted by TTF team

About Timeless Teenz Foundation

The Timeless Teenz foundation would like to invite you to join our South African based organization for the youth, by the youth. It is there to help and encourage them to pursue their dreams and thrive on being the kind of admirable and commendable leaders we need today. This is open to all those who are concerned about our youth and there future. Our objective for this small organization is to guide the youth, broaden their minds in every aspect of life and encourage them to lend a helping handle to their respective communities. While the group consists of mainly Muslim youth, it is pleasing to note that it has been able to work with members of other communities as well, thus fostering the uniquely South African identity of Ubuntu. We aim on doing voluntary work at old age homes, orphanages and child wards at hospitals. We would join campaigns, marches,host workshops and conferences of various types and also participate in community debates or speech contests etc. As well as host our own in due course. We hope that you can join our organization for the youth, as your presence is important to us to help shape our future. We need to act NOW, not later. For the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow! For any inquiries, comments or suggestions email: Or follow @timelessteenorg

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