MY NAME IS TIME AND THESE ARE MY TALES: I once knew a girl, she was young, innocent and desired to see the world. Unfortunate it may seem, but she didn’t realize though, that the world isn’t as great as it claims to be.


“It was the week of Kiera Labuf’s Sweet 16. Kiera was pretty, popular and had the best sense of everything!

Whether it was boys, makeup, shopping or basically anything that would be considered “important” in a teenage girl’s life.  It was going to be the hottest party of the year, so naturally I wanted to go.

I knew Kiera, in the “smile-at-each-other-in-the-hallways-but-never-actually-speak” kind of way.

So I was surprised when she personally gave me the invite!

I was ready to go until I heard it was at Louis Hilfinger’s house.

Louis was, in one word, a “Druggie”.

He probably smoked more flavours of Hukkah and tried more types of cheap drugs than the flavours of Berry Bloppers. Now that’s saying something!

I mentally fought with my brain the whole week. “To go or not to go?” I thought, and thought, and I wrecked my brain. Whilst trying to come to a decision until eventually I conceded.

You only live once, right?

The day of the party came way too fast and before I knew it, I was standing at Louis’ door. In my converse high-tops and black jacket. Kiera’s hastily bought present was dangling off my fingers awkwardly.

I’d never felt more out of place!

I entered the house and was temporarily blinded by the strobe lights that hung from every corner of the house. Loud, blaring music made my head do a 360° turn. I hoped we had a bottle of Panado at home. There were people everywhere. Drunk, high, laughing, dancing. Looking like they were having the time of the lives!

And to be honest, a little part of me; a very dark and primitive part, kind of wanted to join them. Take a little of their fun for myself.

Someone, who was probably too drunk to notice, bumped me and sent Kiera’s present skidding to the floor.

‘Great!’ I thought. ‘There goes R3o, wasted.’ I sighed and dropped down on all fours trying to locate it. I tried my best to maneuver my way through the mass of legs, it was much quieter down there.

I found the broken and battered present some way off; I sighed and picked it up. I was about to get up when I bumped into a particularly muscular pair of legs. Louis Hilfinger’s to be precise!

He held out his rough skinned hand. I took it and hastily stood up. Dusting off my pants, embarrassed.                    

“The party’s up here, you know, but you can stay down there if that’s where you prefer it.” he laughed like the joke was hilarious.

I didn’t think it was funny in the least.

I sneered at him, but he was either too drunk, high or cocky to care what I thought.

I started to feel sick. The lights, smells and loud, ear bursting music had become too much.

I turned to leave but just as I was about to walk away, Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.                          
“Where do you think you’re going? The party’s just started.”, He barked.

I could smell the horrible odor of alcohol on his breath, mixed with the disgusting stench of whatever he was sniffing before we met.

I tried to pry my hand out of his grip. He held on tightly, looked at me with a curled lip, sneered, and pulled me to the lounge.

The lounge was like a buffet for addicts.

There were beer bottles and cans all over the place. 20 different kinds of cigarettes. Powders of all different colours and more Hukkah pipes in one place than I’d seen in my lifetime.

In the middle of the room, there was a huge pipe. 6 people seemed to be having a séance around it.

Before; I was scared- but now, I was terrified!

I tried to pull away one more time, but Louis just held me like a rag doll and shoved me on the couch.

Kiera was sitting next to me, high as a light pole.

I tried to speak to her, but she didn’t seem to know where she was so I just shoved the battered present next to her and let her be.

Louis plopped himself down next to me. Too close for comfort. I pushed him hard trying to get him off me.                                                                         
“You’re way too uptight!”, he slurred.

“I’ll make you something to relax.”, he mocked.

Before I could protest he got off the couch and walked over to the table.

I couldn’t see what he was doing.

Then I figured it was the perfect time to run for it, but just as I was getting up, he turned around holding a blackish, brownish coloured drink in his hand.

“Drink!” he ordered.

Every fibre in my body screamed NO!

I needed to get out of there.

I pushed him to the side and tried to walk past him but he grabbed my wrist.

I yelped in pain as he held my hand tightly on the bone. I was on the verge of tears.

I should never have come! Louis was laughing and no-one seemed to notice what he was doing.

I gathered whatever strength I had left, lifted my knee and kicked him hard in the groin.

He growled in pain and I looked in satisfaction as his face contorted in pain for a brief second-before he grabbed my hair with his free hand, pulled my head down and shoved the liquid down my throat just before I fell to the floor.

I gagged, coughed and spluttered.

My throat was on fire and I couldn’t breathe!

I tried to get up, but everything hurt. I felt really dizzy, my head was spinning.

I dragged myself to the door frame and pulled myself up. Everything was so fuzzy.

I looked back at the lounge, Louis was leaning on the couch groaning.

I willed myself through the throes of people who now just looked mad instead of like people having a good time.

By some miracle I made it to the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed the door open and fell onto the porch. The fresh air felt so good.

I hobbled over to the sidewalk and before I could hold it in, whatever he shoved down my throat, all came out in short, hacking mouthfuls right there on the pavement.

Served him right, this was his fault!

I felt like there were spikes all along my throat.

My tongue was dry and I was desperately in need of water.

I looked for a tap-there was none.

I heaved myself up and staggered onto the road. My house was 3 streets away.

I was NOT looking forward to the journey.

I stumbled up my porch steps an hour later. My head was throbbing. My mouth tasted like puke. My clothes were ruined.

And my dignity, self respect and innocence had flown away with my desire to be like the ‘cool kids’.

If that was what being ‘popular’ required, I’d rather be plain ol’ me any day.

When my hand and eye finally agreed, the key fit into the keyhole and I limped into the house.

My mom was sitting at the table waiting for me to come home.                                

“How was it, honey?” she asked with a smile.

“You’re home early?”, she questioned.           

“It was VERY informative, Ma. I truly feel changed after that experience,” I said before collapsing onto the floor.”

Written by Mahdiyyah Mungalee
Edited by Fatima Moolla

Author’s note:

This is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is completely coincidental.
Also, I’ve never experienced these things, but I know people who have and I swear it’s NOT worth it to get involved in these types of things.
Not only are they detrimental to you, but they drive people away and destroy your life.
I hope you enjoyed, took lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT)/God in everything you do.

Posted by TTF team


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