Love to write? Get your pen to paper and enter #DeafeningSilenceEchoes competition. Stand a chance to win a free ticket to the Young Writers Conference!



Are you a young, vibrant, imaginative teen bursting with ideas?

Are you looking for a fun and inventive medium to share your talent?

Stop looking!

We are a South African based organization for the youth by the YOUTH.

The Timeless Teenz Foundation is currently planning on hosting a ‘Young Writers’ Conference’ on 6 December 2015.

For an afternoon filled with fun, creativity and all things writerly. You can look forward to meeting renowned, established authors, writers and bloggers. As well as participate in writing/poetry contests where prizes are to be won. No doubt, this is the biggest teen writing conference S.A ever has to see!

We’re therefore Calling to all:
Poets, Writers, Bloggers, Journalists and all you writing junkies out there.


Crawl out of your hermit shells and put your pen to paper.

ENTER our ‘DeafeningSilenceEchoes campaign’, by submitting a poem or short story for Israeli Apartheid Week- don’t exceed a 1000 words.

Submit your writing to:

Your work would be posted on our blog and thereafter two of the best will be chosen as winning entries.

Competition ends on the 8 March.

So get your hands writing and words flowing. Pour your heart out for the tyranized people of Palestine.

Posted by TTF team

About Timeless Teenz Foundation

The Timeless Teenz foundation would like to invite you to join our South African based organization for the youth, by the youth. It is there to help and encourage them to pursue their dreams and thrive on being the kind of admirable and commendable leaders we need today. This is open to all those who are concerned about our youth and there future. Our objective for this small organization is to guide the youth, broaden their minds in every aspect of life and encourage them to lend a helping handle to their respective communities. While the group consists of mainly Muslim youth, it is pleasing to note that it has been able to work with members of other communities as well, thus fostering the uniquely South African identity of Ubuntu. We aim on doing voluntary work at old age homes, orphanages and child wards at hospitals. We would join campaigns, marches,host workshops and conferences of various types and also participate in community debates or speech contests etc. As well as host our own in due course. We hope that you can join our organization for the youth, as your presence is important to us to help shape our future. We need to act NOW, not later. For the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow! For any inquiries, comments or suggestions email: Or follow @timelessteenorg

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