“Oh leaders of tomorrow, show compassion today!” by Fatima Moolla


When we are young boys and girls, battling the confusion of the teenage years and on the brink of adulthood. We find ourselves searching for a mentor, a hero!

It is said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

The question that we as youth are to ask ourselves is:

“Do I possess phenomenal qualities that, without a doubt confirms that I will be the greatest leader of my era; that humanity has ever witnessed?”.

Firstly, all praise, gratitude and thanks are to Almighty اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى, the lord of the worlds. Who has endowed me with insight and ability to deeply reflect, and indeed recognize and acknowledge that devastating and distressing moment the world is experiencing.

There are many trials and tests that we are faced with daily. Some are trivial and some worthy of being talked and written about.

With a heavy heart and a quivering pen, I say to you my beloved brothers and sisters:

As the clouds carry the darkness of grief and sorrow fills the skies of the world. It hurts to see ludicrous people pouring there hearts out to rhinos being pouched, raising substantial funds for their health and safety and organizing anti-poaching campaigns and protests!

How considerate! Poachers are even fined, arrested or doomed for life!

At the same time, it is disheartening to see those innocent civilians in Syria, Burma, Assam, Gaza, Cambodia and PALESTINE who are defending their lives and property and trying to restore democracy and are fighting for there sacred religion.

These innocent people, whether it be men, women or children are martyred brutally. Some are shot mercilessly, while others slaughtered gruesomely!

As they sit and suffer in silence, I amazingly hear their cries and read the plea in their eyes. Oh,how I wish the people of the world could do the same!

We are too concerned of rhinos and dinosaurs becoming endangered and extinct. Did we ever recall the prediction made some odd 1000 years ago that stated:

“A time will come where the Arab nation will become endangered and extinct, due to bloodshed and war” ?

My message to you should not come across as having no compassion for animals. As I am an animal lover myself and have concern for their welfare, as they are the creation of Allah Ta’allah . 

It is our duty to strive to serve humanity, because we as humans hold a higher rank.

As Allah Ta’allah states in the holy Quraan:


So I hope you don’t misinterpret my message and appeal to you!

We have lost the value of the blood of the next person as it is the norm to see dead bodies, and wars being waged.

“Dear brothers and sisters, it is time for our voices to be heard as no effort goes in vain! I have come to realize that the future lies in OUR hands, if we don’t put in just a little effort to alleviate the suffering of the world, then our future will be in turmoil!”

I want to go down in history as a proud South African Muslim Youth, who has fought for humanity and strove for a fruitful, united and serene future. One void of wars, bloodshed and suffering, racism and abuse, not to forget grief and sorrow!!!

Written by Fatima Moolla

Posted by TTF team

About Timeless Teenz Foundation

The Timeless Teenz foundation would like to invite you to join our South African based organization for the youth, by the youth. It is there to help and encourage them to pursue their dreams and thrive on being the kind of admirable and commendable leaders we need today. This is open to all those who are concerned about our youth and there future. Our objective for this small organization is to guide the youth, broaden their minds in every aspect of life and encourage them to lend a helping handle to their respective communities. While the group consists of mainly Muslim youth, it is pleasing to note that it has been able to work with members of other communities as well, thus fostering the uniquely South African identity of Ubuntu. We aim on doing voluntary work at old age homes, orphanages and child wards at hospitals. We would join campaigns, marches,host workshops and conferences of various types and also participate in community debates or speech contests etc. As well as host our own in due course. We hope that you can join our organization for the youth, as your presence is important to us to help shape our future. We need to act NOW, not later. For the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow! For any inquiries, comments or suggestions email: Timelessteenzfoundation@gmail.com Or follow @timelessteenorg

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