Dear members and loyal supporters, we wish you Ramadhaan Mubaarak!


السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمُ وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ وَبَرَكَاتهُ

Trust you are in the best of health and radiant Iman.

Firstly, we would like to thank all our members, representatives and supporters for your hard work and generous contributions. Without you it would have not been possible for projects to succeed!

On behalf of the Timeless Teenz Foundation we wish all our members, loyal supporters, family and friends Ramadhaan Mubaarak!

As the auspicious month starts, may the crescent moon brighten your path toward enlightenment and may Allah Ta’allah bless you with peace, grace and barakah.

May Allah Ta’allah accept your Ibaadah and forgive any shortcomings.

We request one and all to remember us in their special duas.

Take care


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‘BREAD TAG FOR WHEEL CHAIR CAMPAIGN’ An initiative in which the Timeless Teenz Foundation will be participating in.


Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) said:

“Every act of goodness is charity.” 

(Sahih Muslim, Hadith 496)
If you’re still wondering what you can do to help in this world, here is something that anyone can do.


An initiative in which the Timeless Teenz Foundation will be participating in.

Make a huge difference with something as little as a bread tag!

Help a disabled person in need, by donating a wheelchair with the money received from the tags sold to Gro-Plast recyclers.

Should you decide to help ‘Bread Tag For Wheelchair Campaign’ do so by collecting bread tags in your area – from home, take aways, schools and  friends .

Once tags are collected you may give it to us by simply dropping it off at the collection point in your respective community.

This initiative of course rests on the backs of all the dedicated collectors who await your Tagged filled bags.

If you wish to be a collector in your area or require more information then contact:

Fatima Moolla
079 086 7026

Nabi (Salallahu alaihi wasalam) said:

“Do not regard any good deed as insignificant “-


A small insignificant piece of plastic can mean mobility for someone; for one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.

So start collecting TODAY!

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MY NAME IS TIME, AND THESE ARE MY TALES: “I have wisdom, but no one cares to listen. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME, WON’T YOU?”


I have seen the earth barren and lonely.

I have witnessed the presence of the first man and all his progeny.

I was there when the earth flooded.

I saw men discover ink and the power of words.

I have felt the rain erode the earth.

I have known civilizations lost in time.

I have heard battles cries and declarations of love.

I have wisdom, but no one cares to listen.


For I am TIME and this is my TALE.

To start off let me tell you the tale of a girl I once knew.

I don’t remember the details, the colour of her hair and eyes or her nationality.

I remember is her spark!

She was the kind of girl who knew exactly what she was doing or so it seemed.

The kind that suffered from insecurities like everyone else, but paid it no mind.

She was beautiful in the way that she stood over the world and smiled like it was her playground.

I remember a time, when she was young and enjoyed playing with the other school children.

Those who taunted her like kids so often do, but all she did was stand tall and say:

‘Well I quite like myself thank you.’

That was the beginning of a girl, who turned into a woman with confidence to kill.

She grew up, and she married.

She went through the cycle of life all the while studying human nature.

She came to a conclusion that ‘self worth’ was the best gift anyone could have.

She realized that some are born with it, while others have to work at it, but that spark was the best gift in the world.

She lived with her family on a hill in a countryside faraway, and the hill she lived on was known for suicidal attempts.
So began her legacy.

From time to time, a lonely soul would wander to the hill.

Lost in despair and ready to end it all.

She would be waiting….

….She was always waiting for her confidence didn’t cripple her, but it enriched her.

The lost soul wandered and complained of all his troubles.

How his wife didn’t understand, and his children weren’t how he expected.

How the recession was killing him and how the kids taunted him when he was young.

She smiled and said:

‘In those things you find beauty if you’ve known beauty in yourself’.

She made him see how beautiful life is, and how he’s wife doesn’t know how to express that she does care. That his children were healthy and alive.

That the recession gave him something to work for, and that those silly kids were just kids.

He went home and he lived with the legacy of confidentia.

She saved so many people with that spark of hers and they became the upholders of the legacy of confidentia.

They spread the message of the spark!

They taught how important self worth is, and that no one will ever love you enough if you don’t love yourself.

They taught that we all have demons, but the spark of self worth is all we need to ward them off.

The annals of history don’t remember her.

Her spark and her legacy, but I remember.

I remember confidentia and I remember all those who have that spark.


Written by Taaibah Karolia
Edited by Fatima Moolla

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MY NAME IS TIME AND THESE ARE MY TALES: I once knew a girl, she was young, innocent and desired to see the world. Unfortunate it may seem, but she didn’t realize though, that the world isn’t as great as it claims to be.


“It was the week of Kiera Labuf’s Sweet 16. Kiera was pretty, popular and had the best sense of everything!

Whether it was boys, makeup, shopping or basically anything that would be considered “important” in a teenage girl’s life.  It was going to be the hottest party of the year, so naturally I wanted to go.

I knew Kiera, in the “smile-at-each-other-in-the-hallways-but-never-actually-speak” kind of way.

So I was surprised when she personally gave me the invite!

I was ready to go until I heard it was at Louis Hilfinger’s house.

Louis was, in one word, a “Druggie”.

He probably smoked more flavours of Hukkah and tried more types of cheap drugs than the flavours of Berry Bloppers. Now that’s saying something!

I mentally fought with my brain the whole week. “To go or not to go?” I thought, and thought, and I wrecked my brain. Whilst trying to come to a decision until eventually I conceded.

You only live once, right?

The day of the party came way too fast and before I knew it, I was standing at Louis’ door. In my converse high-tops and black jacket. Kiera’s hastily bought present was dangling off my fingers awkwardly.

I’d never felt more out of place!

I entered the house and was temporarily blinded by the strobe lights that hung from every corner of the house. Loud, blaring music made my head do a 360° turn. I hoped we had a bottle of Panado at home. There were people everywhere. Drunk, high, laughing, dancing. Looking like they were having the time of the lives!

And to be honest, a little part of me; a very dark and primitive part, kind of wanted to join them. Take a little of their fun for myself.

Someone, who was probably too drunk to notice, bumped me and sent Kiera’s present skidding to the floor.

‘Great!’ I thought. ‘There goes R3o, wasted.’ I sighed and dropped down on all fours trying to locate it. I tried my best to maneuver my way through the mass of legs, it was much quieter down there.

I found the broken and battered present some way off; I sighed and picked it up. I was about to get up when I bumped into a particularly muscular pair of legs. Louis Hilfinger’s to be precise!

He held out his rough skinned hand. I took it and hastily stood up. Dusting off my pants, embarrassed.                    

“The party’s up here, you know, but you can stay down there if that’s where you prefer it.” he laughed like the joke was hilarious.

I didn’t think it was funny in the least.

I sneered at him, but he was either too drunk, high or cocky to care what I thought.

I started to feel sick. The lights, smells and loud, ear bursting music had become too much.

I turned to leave but just as I was about to walk away, Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.                          
“Where do you think you’re going? The party’s just started.”, He barked.

I could smell the horrible odor of alcohol on his breath, mixed with the disgusting stench of whatever he was sniffing before we met.

I tried to pry my hand out of his grip. He held on tightly, looked at me with a curled lip, sneered, and pulled me to the lounge.

The lounge was like a buffet for addicts.

There were beer bottles and cans all over the place. 20 different kinds of cigarettes. Powders of all different colours and more Hukkah pipes in one place than I’d seen in my lifetime.

In the middle of the room, there was a huge pipe. 6 people seemed to be having a séance around it.

Before; I was scared- but now, I was terrified!

I tried to pull away one more time, but Louis just held me like a rag doll and shoved me on the couch.

Kiera was sitting next to me, high as a light pole.

I tried to speak to her, but she didn’t seem to know where she was so I just shoved the battered present next to her and let her be.

Louis plopped himself down next to me. Too close for comfort. I pushed him hard trying to get him off me.                                                                         
“You’re way too uptight!”, he slurred.

“I’ll make you something to relax.”, he mocked.

Before I could protest he got off the couch and walked over to the table.

I couldn’t see what he was doing.

Then I figured it was the perfect time to run for it, but just as I was getting up, he turned around holding a blackish, brownish coloured drink in his hand.

“Drink!” he ordered.

Every fibre in my body screamed NO!

I needed to get out of there.

I pushed him to the side and tried to walk past him but he grabbed my wrist.

I yelped in pain as he held my hand tightly on the bone. I was on the verge of tears.

I should never have come! Louis was laughing and no-one seemed to notice what he was doing.

I gathered whatever strength I had left, lifted my knee and kicked him hard in the groin.

He growled in pain and I looked in satisfaction as his face contorted in pain for a brief second-before he grabbed my hair with his free hand, pulled my head down and shoved the liquid down my throat just before I fell to the floor.

I gagged, coughed and spluttered.

My throat was on fire and I couldn’t breathe!

I tried to get up, but everything hurt. I felt really dizzy, my head was spinning.

I dragged myself to the door frame and pulled myself up. Everything was so fuzzy.

I looked back at the lounge, Louis was leaning on the couch groaning.

I willed myself through the throes of people who now just looked mad instead of like people having a good time.

By some miracle I made it to the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed the door open and fell onto the porch. The fresh air felt so good.

I hobbled over to the sidewalk and before I could hold it in, whatever he shoved down my throat, all came out in short, hacking mouthfuls right there on the pavement.

Served him right, this was his fault!

I felt like there were spikes all along my throat.

My tongue was dry and I was desperately in need of water.

I looked for a tap-there was none.

I heaved myself up and staggered onto the road. My house was 3 streets away.

I was NOT looking forward to the journey.

I stumbled up my porch steps an hour later. My head was throbbing. My mouth tasted like puke. My clothes were ruined.

And my dignity, self respect and innocence had flown away with my desire to be like the ‘cool kids’.

If that was what being ‘popular’ required, I’d rather be plain ol’ me any day.

When my hand and eye finally agreed, the key fit into the keyhole and I limped into the house.

My mom was sitting at the table waiting for me to come home.                                

“How was it, honey?” she asked with a smile.

“You’re home early?”, she questioned.           

“It was VERY informative, Ma. I truly feel changed after that experience,” I said before collapsing onto the floor.”

Written by Mahdiyyah Mungalee
Edited by Fatima Moolla

Author’s note:

This is a work of pure fiction and any resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is completely coincidental.
Also, I’ve never experienced these things, but I know people who have and I swear it’s NOT worth it to get involved in these types of things.
Not only are they detrimental to you, but they drive people away and destroy your life.
I hope you enjoyed, took lesson and never forget to remember Allah(SWT)/God in everything you do.

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‘What answer will you give Allah?’ by Binte Qassim


“The honour of a Muslim is greater than the Ka’bah” (hadith)

War! War! War!

As the war carries on in this world. The war against Islam.

Shuhadah are being murdered, innocent children left as orphans and countless women widowed.

Blood flowing..Children screaming..Sirens ringing..Families shattered for life!

Oh muslim, what answer will you give Allah?

Living in a big house, latest BMW parked in your garage and eating more than 5 meals a day? Living a care free life with an attitude that “no one can do anything to you”, because you can use your money to bail yourself out of every problem?

On the day of Qiyaamat when Allah will ask:

“What did you do for the oppressed in Palestine, Syria, Burma, Afghanistan, and many other countries where people were being oppressed silently?”

What answer will you give Allah?

When Allah Ta’allah will ask you, why didn’t you help the tyranized of Palestine?

The Haram of Makkah and Madinah are divinely protected by Allah Ta’allah, but the condition of masjid e Aqsa depend on the actions and condition of the Ummah.

What answer will you give Allah?

Will you say you were too busy running behind this temporary dunya, having no time to care for the blood of an innocent human being spilt?

When will you stand up for them?

When will you be their voice?

When will you at least make a sincere dua for them?

Don’t delay make your move TODAY !

Remember the mujaahideen are absolving you of your duty of going for jihad against the kufaar.

We need to start waking up for Fajr. Worship Allah Ta’allah. Obey him. Then lift our hands and make dua for our brothers and sisters around the world.

When we gather and unite upon a’maal then Allah’s help will be with us.

When our masaajid get full at fajr, how they are full at Jumuah then victory will be OURS.

Oh Ummah wake up!

Rise up!

Make a change!!

And conquer the drowning Ummah.

Let’s unite, as the hadith mentions that the help if Allah Ta’allah is with a united group.

Think. Ponder. Act!

Written by Binte Qassim
Edited by Fatima Moolla

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Love to write? Get your pen to paper and enter #DeafeningSilenceEchoes competition. Stand a chance to win a free ticket to the Young Writers Conference!



Are you a young, vibrant, imaginative teen bursting with ideas?

Are you looking for a fun and inventive medium to share your talent?

Stop looking!

We are a South African based organization for the youth by the YOUTH.

The Timeless Teenz Foundation is currently planning on hosting a ‘Young Writers’ Conference’ on 6 December 2015.

For an afternoon filled with fun, creativity and all things writerly. You can look forward to meeting renowned, established authors, writers and bloggers. As well as participate in writing/poetry contests where prizes are to be won. No doubt, this is the biggest teen writing conference S.A ever has to see!

We’re therefore Calling to all:
Poets, Writers, Bloggers, Journalists and all you writing junkies out there.


Crawl out of your hermit shells and put your pen to paper.

ENTER our ‘DeafeningSilenceEchoes campaign’, by submitting a poem or short story for Israeli Apartheid Week- don’t exceed a 1000 words.

Submit your writing to:

Your work would be posted on our blog and thereafter two of the best will be chosen as winning entries.

Competition ends on the 8 March.

So get your hands writing and words flowing. Pour your heart out for the tyranized people of Palestine.

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“Oh leaders of tomorrow, show compassion today!” by Fatima Moolla


When we are young boys and girls, battling the confusion of the teenage years and on the brink of adulthood. We find ourselves searching for a mentor, a hero!

It is said that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

The question that we as youth are to ask ourselves is:

“Do I possess phenomenal qualities that, without a doubt confirms that I will be the greatest leader of my era; that humanity has ever witnessed?”.

Firstly, all praise, gratitude and thanks are to Almighty اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى, the lord of the worlds. Who has endowed me with insight and ability to deeply reflect, and indeed recognize and acknowledge that devastating and distressing moment the world is experiencing.

There are many trials and tests that we are faced with daily. Some are trivial and some worthy of being talked and written about.

With a heavy heart and a quivering pen, I say to you my beloved brothers and sisters:

As the clouds carry the darkness of grief and sorrow fills the skies of the world. It hurts to see ludicrous people pouring there hearts out to rhinos being pouched, raising substantial funds for their health and safety and organizing anti-poaching campaigns and protests!

How considerate! Poachers are even fined, arrested or doomed for life!

At the same time, it is disheartening to see those innocent civilians in Syria, Burma, Assam, Gaza, Cambodia and PALESTINE who are defending their lives and property and trying to restore democracy and are fighting for there sacred religion.

These innocent people, whether it be men, women or children are martyred brutally. Some are shot mercilessly, while others slaughtered gruesomely!

As they sit and suffer in silence, I amazingly hear their cries and read the plea in their eyes. Oh,how I wish the people of the world could do the same!

We are too concerned of rhinos and dinosaurs becoming endangered and extinct. Did we ever recall the prediction made some odd 1000 years ago that stated:

“A time will come where the Arab nation will become endangered and extinct, due to bloodshed and war” ?

My message to you should not come across as having no compassion for animals. As I am an animal lover myself and have concern for their welfare, as they are the creation of Allah Ta’allah . 

It is our duty to strive to serve humanity, because we as humans hold a higher rank.

As Allah Ta’allah states in the holy Quraan:


So I hope you don’t misinterpret my message and appeal to you!

We have lost the value of the blood of the next person as it is the norm to see dead bodies, and wars being waged.

“Dear brothers and sisters, it is time for our voices to be heard as no effort goes in vain! I have come to realize that the future lies in OUR hands, if we don’t put in just a little effort to alleviate the suffering of the world, then our future will be in turmoil!”

I want to go down in history as a proud South African Muslim Youth, who has fought for humanity and strove for a fruitful, united and serene future. One void of wars, bloodshed and suffering, racism and abuse, not to forget grief and sorrow!!!

Written by Fatima Moolla

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Boycotting Israel: ‘The Broader Perspective’ by Hudhaifa Hassen Karolia


“Palestinian trees bear a strange fruit
Blood on the leaves
And blood on the root
Bodies swinging in the desert breeze.”
(Adapted from Strange Fruit by Billy Holiday)

With the on-going humanitarian crisis in Gaza having claimed close to 2000 lives in just over a month, the global community has been stirred into a frenzy of reactions. Some of which have proven to be controversial and debate-provoking. Social media, in particular, has erupted with a plethora of impassioned responses to the onslaught against the People of Gaza and Palestine.

Among the many popular movements aiming to make a positive difference to the Palestinian Struggle is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign, an international organization committed to encouraging the financial and economic boycott of Israel and its supporters.

While the BDS Campaign has garnered a huge deal of international support to date, from people of almost every religious, racial, ethnic and political affiliation, it still faces a considerable degree of opposition from other groups, including certain Muslim communities.

In South Africa, the ‘Boycott’ issue has threatened to spill over into an ideological conflict, with many supporting the call to boycott, and an equal amount of others rejecting it. As a result of this confusion, certain sectors of the community may be unaware of how to respond. The purpose of this article is to critically evaluate both arguments, as well as the emotional dynamics surrounding the issue.

In order to understand the impact and implications of a boycott, it is necessary to first understand the term ‘boycott’, in both a linguistic and historical sense.

Linguistically, the word ‘boycott’ refers to the withdrawal of commercial and/or social relations to an organization, as a form of protest or punishment. More specifically, a financial or economic ban, such as the one organized by the BDS, refers to the voluntary act of refusing to buy and/or support goods from a particular organization (Israel in this case).

The concept of boycotting has a long list of historical precedent, with different boycotts, over the ages, achieving varying levels of success. Perhaps the largest and most recent boycott, in terms of international appeal, was the Boycott of Apartheid South African goods. It has been proposed that the boycott of the Apartheid South African economy, on every level conceivable, led to tremendous international pressure being placed on the Apartheid administration.

This contributed, in the long run, to the willingness of the ruling National Party to enter into negotiations with the ANC, and to the eventual downfall of Apartheid in South Africa.

However, it must be remembered that the Apartheid government faced opposition from practically every sector of the international community. This created a situation where millions of people from around the world decided to stop supporting South African businesses.

South Africa’s agricultural sector was especially targeted; the country’s produce, which was initially imported by many nations, was turned back at many ports. The same conditions do not, however, exist with Israel, due to a variety of reasons.

Firstly, Palestine simply does not have the same amount of support from the international community, as the ANC had. In fact, what with Islamophobia being so common, many people, especially those in developed countries, regard Palestine as a rogue state, and Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Most Jews, and also many Christians, for that matter, believe that Israel has a right to exist. It is for this reason that the Boycott movement cannot gain much momentum, argue some.

Secondly, Israel’s exports are not aimed at just everybody: the bulk of it is aimed at a Jewish target market. This can be seen by the fact that most of Israel’s exports are either Kosher-approved or specifically Jewish-related products.

So, despite our many efforts to boycott Israeli products, the drop in sales observable is very minimal. Israeli products continue to be bought by Jewish clientele, and the boycott has no real effect.

Others believe that the call to boycott Israeli goods simply cannot be completely adhered to. Israel is supported, both actively and tacitly, by individuals and businesses around the world.

The BDS Campaign does not encapsulate every single supporter of Israel. Is it not hypocritical, then, to boycott one Israeli product, while simultaneously supporting another?

However, the other, perhaps more common viewpoint, is in support of the boycott. Many people believe that it is imperative that we boycott Israeli goods, if we wish to make some form of difference to the Palestinian struggle.

By doing so, we would be hurting Israel financially, and as an added bonus, we would be raising awareness. It is already possible to observe the rising global awareness of Palestine and Gaza.

Furthermore, it is morally and ethically unjustifiable to knowingly support products, which in turn support and finance the wholesale slaughter of innocent Muslims in Palestine.

Supporting Israeli goods may be seen as tantamount to paying for the spilling of Palestinian blood. How is it possible to sleep at night knowing that your money may well be putting a bullet into a young child’s body?

Now, while I may personally support the boycott, I am also critical of certain issues surrounding it.

Firstly, the fact that there is a difference of opinion must be accepted. If you support the boycott, then, by all means, go ahead and boycott Israeli goods.

Propagate your message and ask others to join the movement. But never begin to disrespect the views of others. Never begin to look down on others for not joining the boycott.

Do not cause disunity in the community.

And, just to clear up a common misconception, unity is not saying, “I am right. Follow me and don’t cause disunity.” Unity is saying, “I think I am right and you think you are right. I’ll do my thing; you do yours.” Unity is not to expect others not to oppose your opinions; unity is to accept others opinions.

Secondly, a common issue is that, in our enthusiasm to propagate the boycott, we sometimes stray from the actual issue at hand. We should never allow our material actions to blind us to the help of Allah. For verily, it is not our actions that will ultimately have any effect, but it is the decision of Allah that will reign Supreme.

Du’a should always be our first priority.

Together with boycotting Israeli goods, we should also boycott all forms of sin. It is ironic that we gather to protest against Israel, but we never pause for a moment to think about why Allah does not grant us victory. We never pause for a moment to consider wearing the Islamic garb, or keeping a beard, or reading Salaah!

How then do we expect the Help of Allah?

That leads me to my final observation.

We witness many people becoming very emotional about Palestine, in general, and about the boycott, in particular. While it is indeed correct to become emotional, that emotion should not be directed to people, and other Muslims, especially, in the form of anger. It should rather be directed, in the form of anguish and sincere tears, to Allah, in the form of Du’a.

Taking it a step further, would it not be wonderful if we could feel that same amount of emotion when the Command of Allah is broken? When the Quran and Sunnah are discarded and disregarded?

To sum up, the BDS Campaign is one way in which we can strike out at Israel. However, boycotting Israeli products should not become the main concern of the Ummah. Nor should it create disunity within the community. Our primary focus should always be Du’a. Nevertheless, if possible, we should try to boycott Israel and its supporters.

And who knows?

Perhaps victory will be OURS! 

Written by Hudhaifa Hassen Karolia
First published on :

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‘Palestinian child’ by Mahdiyyah Mungalee


“The last thing I remember was my mother’s face, fear-stricken and full of terror. She didn’t need to say anything, I already understood, the bombs were back.

I am a 16 year old Palestinian teenager.

My name isn’t important anymore, it was once. When there were actually people that knew it, but now they’re all dead.

The part of me that cared who I was died with them.

When I was 13 years old, my mother was killed in an Israeli bombing. Had I been a few seconds later, I would have died with her. She was the last surviving member of my family, but now it’s just me.

My father was killed defending 5 small children who had thrown stones at Israeli soldiers. That day, 6 bodies were buried. Each with an assortment of bullet holes. I had 2 brothers, they were born when the war had just started. When my family was still happy.

My mother was pregnant with me when the first bombs came. They were big and loud and they hit the school my brothers were attending. It was a very difficult time for her. The doctor said it was a miracle she hadn’t miscarried. In a moment of weakness, she’d said that she wished she had. So she wouldn’t have to bring another child into the horrible place we called our home.”

This is the REALITY of millions of Palestinian teenagers who have lost their homes, lives and entire families to the Apartheid Israeli state in the name of claiming back holy land.

The result?

Millions of fear-stricken, terrified-homeless orphans and widows.

People who were once just like us, but now will never see their family again.

Never feel the warmth of home again.

Never feel truly safe as long as they are stranded in the ‘never ending cycle’ of pain and desperation that has become their daily routine.

“Oh Youth of South Africa! We’ve braved the storm, we’ve moved past our Apartheid. They haven’t! ”

Written by Mahdiyyah Mungalee
Edited by Fatima Moolla

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True peace comes ONLY after justice is met!


Why is it not always clear what is right and what is wrong? Why is it important to be honest about what we have or have not done, then for us to accept the consequences of our choices?


It is important for us to live human rights through its practices, behavior and attitudes! Celebrating human rights once a year is important, but living it everyday is essential. To live human rights means to support the oppressed, embrace the excluded, advocate for the voiceless and celebrate diversity of our community.

Now firstly, what are human rights?

It is for every human to have freedom, freedom to do what you want. To go where you want. Having the right to make your own choices and mainly to practice your religion as you wish! For centuries human rights have been violated, and crimes against humanity have been committed!


History plays a very significant role in our lives, it helps us to be aware of the dangers of prejudice and of giving government too much power and control. How being silent can ruin a future. Now, if we look back, we will see that people were not strong enough to face persecution and had no personal moral code.

By not taking lessons from the past, we see that we have fell into the very same trap as our predecessors have! Due to our ignorance we see the world in a very pitiful state.

If we take a look back and rewind…we will find that after world war one, Germany had many problems. Not knowing how to deal with these problems, the Nazis developed ideas about race and in turn used these theories to discriminate against those citizens who they thought were inferior or of low status and rank. The Nazis created a policy of persecution, and then transformed it into one of genocide.

That was later known as the Holocaust.

Doctors carried out terrible medical experiments on disabled people. More over, they took people to gas chambers that contained poisonous gas; people suffocated therein! The worst of all acts that these merciless Germans did, was that they burnt people to ashes in crematoriums, these are referred to as death camps.


As the world got to know about these crimes, the allies set up courts in Nuremburg to try the accused for ‘crimes against humanity’. Those against whom evidence was given, were judged and sentenced. This act was known as the Nuremburg Trials, but there was an objective behind it. This was to show the world that Aggressive war, Moving communities by force, Slave labours and GENOCIDE, were all crimes.

From observing the trials, we notice that the aim was to show that individuals have rights that can’t be taken away by any government or political leader, and that international law and respect for human dignity is more important than national laws.

There was a high hope, that leaders would see from here, that they are indeed responsible and accountable for their actions. Leaders must ensure that they are in the interest of the people they represent and who are under there rule.

Now, If we fast forward and take a step back into the future. We find that the present war in Syria, Palestine and Burma leaves millions of distorted bodies everyday, piled up like sacks of grain. The imagery of it sends shivers down YOUR spine!

Is this not genocide and a crime against humanity?

As it is a mass killing of a particular group of people, mainly devoted muslims.

For a moment, let us take into consideration:

Who currently occupies palestine and responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people?

Who dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing millions of people?

Who is on a mission to grab all mineral resources of the world?

Definitely not the muslims!

Then who?

Make use of the intellect your Lord has blessed you with and speculate who it REALLY is!

Unfortunately, the media has indoctrinated the world into the falsified belief of muslims being TERRORISTS.

How IRONIC, a terrorist being shot, slaughtered and massacred by the terrorized.


Why is it that these desperadoes are left to kill?

Why is it that justice is not met, while the world watches in SILENCE? knowing what is happening is undoubtedly wrong.

All that these homicidal maniacs learn from past wars is the negative, like new ways of Abuse, Torture, Killing, Abduction and Vandalism! Conveniently, what they really do forget to learn is, that they are accountable for what they meet out daily, and that a day will surely come where they will have to pay for what they did. This will be a day of regret, because they will have to tell the truth without garbling and admit what they have done, and show that remorse!!!

Why is it that previous wars have come to an end?

Why is it that those executors were put to trial?

BUT then again, why is it that current day assassins are not punished or put to trial?

Now really, why is it that we sit and wait in comfort for that ‘someone else’ to make a difference?

There are victims in war torn countries who can’t speak, so let us speak for them and represent them. Let us feel their silent cries and help that cry to be heard in the WORLD!

Always keep in mind that all people in this world have their rights and duties, which don’t depend on their gender, race, religion or social position.

EVERYBODY needs to be loved, valued and cherished by SOMEBODY in order to feel healthy, secure, strong, happy and wanted! 

It is the golden silence of the good and sensible people that allows injustice to perpetrate! If you have heard about it dear readers, what on Earth have you done about it?

I firmly believe that you can’t possibly prevent something, once it has been done. As the harm are already there. It is said, that you can’t retrieve a stone after the throw!

Allah forbid, but if our future is shattered as the years advance, then we have no right to complain, because when we have the time for CHANGE and CONCERN.

…which is NOW of course…

We either find ourselves too busy waiting for the right moment or use the lame excuse of our studies holding us back.

If we as YOUTH don’t attempt to rise to make DIFFERENCE, then the world would definitely crumble in the years to come…because this is…

… the BEGINNING OF THE ENDING of our wonderful world!

Now, as you can see I have concern for the world and OUR future.

I want my dreams, wishes and aspirations to come true. I want to see myself as a HEROIN and a FREEDOM FIGHTER.

As an only child I want to make my parents proud.

As a student of Madressah Ayesha(ra) I want to make my school proud.

And as a South African Muslim, I want to make my country proud!


A time will come,

Where man has to take

A position, that is neither

Political, safe, nor popular,

But he has to take it

Because his conscience

Tells him that it is a



Dear Readers, that is exactly what I’m doing. Taking a risk to make a change!!!

Oh yes, if you wish. You are welcome to join me on this challenging and accomplishing JOURNEY TO FREEDOM!!!

Written by Fatima Moolla

Posted by TTF team